Biti N.

I actually belong to another gym but we have a lot of Heroes members who comes by my location. I was invited over by meeting them when they’d drop in.

The atmosphere here is phenomenal. Gumby was very kind to allow me to work with his members and he always is very polite by greeting me. I haven’t gotten a chance to take a class here on a weekday since I only drop in to get some comp training with their team now and then. However, I can however say that they breed some of the toughest competitors in the area and I can’t even begin to explain how honored I feel to get to work with them.

They’re so welcoming and I try my best to bring what I know to the table to work with them the same way give me a chance to test what I’ve learn. As a chick myself, I have quickly bonded with their women’s team. This is a great gym with great people and I’m very thankful to be able to cross-train with these guys.

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