Jacqueline V.

After being a student for just one year, I now feel qualified to write a review.

I love the space: High ceilings. Old building. Lots of light (windows and skylights) and brick. Cubbies for your crap and a shower for those times you need to be somewhere smelling good right after you practice. Tons of mat space. Mats are clean, no dirty knees or backs on my gis after practice.

The students are overall the friendliest I’ve ever met at any martial arts gym. No ego, no attitude, even from the higher ranking belts. Blue, purple, brown belts all take the time to help new students and white belts.

I like the class format, in which a set of BJJ fundamentals is repeated every 3-4 months or so, always in the same order focusing on the same basic skills set. Combining this fundamentals class with regular doses of drilling (immediately following) and sparring is a great way to build well-rounded BJJ skill set.

Instruction is great! Gumby is patient, knowledgeable, and low-key. You can see where his students get their good attitude and work ethic. Rounding out the excellent instructor staff for adults are Shozo (Judo) and Canada.

Very, very glad I found this place. If 5 stars is not a good enough endorsement, I’m renewing my tuition for a full year this month!

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