Mike P.

Heroes Martial Arts is one of the best jiu-jitsu gyms on the planet! The facility houses one of the largest open mat spaces you’ll ever see. The instructor is a long time friend and training partner of mine that goes by the name Gumby. He is the most experienced instructor when it comes to teaching and coaching in the downtown area. In a short time he has developed many great practitioners from scratch including elite level competitors. Although he still competes from time to time he excels at passing on the techniques, principles, and concepts, of jiu-jitsu. His philosophy on the art and sport transcend the mat and he can make sense of jiu-jitsu in every way to the beginner or experienced student. Being a gym owner myself I often reach out to Gumby for his views and opinions on everything jiu-jitsu. He continues to be a valuable source of information to me. And he is one of the most well known authorities and ambassadors in the country when it comes to The Gentle Art. The art has given me many great experiences and taught me so much but one of the best gifts it has given me is the chance to become friends with many outstanding people. Gumby is one of the best! Grateful to call him my friend.

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