Olympia M.

This place is nothing short of awesome! I tried a couple other gyms but I immediately fell in love with Heroes.

First of all, the instructors there are great. They have great demeanors and are approachable and funny. The lessons are organized, comprehensive and effective. I’m not the sharpest person and even I feel some semblance of progress day after day.

Second, the people are way helpful and friendly! My first roll (eh actually all of them I guess) was punctuated by “oops”es and “sorry”s, but everybody I drilled and rolled with was cool about it! Not to mention, I owe a lot of my progress to the very nice and interesting people I have met there.

Third, the place is freaking beautiful! Clean mats, brick walls, lots of space, windows, elevated ceilings, skylights. Such a simple, peaceful, clean gym makes it really easy to concentrate and focus. There’s lots of mat space and even the walls have mats so there’s little worry of crashing into someone or something.

This review basically reiterates a lot of the points that people bring up. I admittedly don’t know much about Gumby’s background other that he trained at Ralph Gracie’s, but he is an excellent instructor with an excellent team. I love it there!

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