Sammy H.

Hey everybody I just wanted to say that there are a lot of options for Brazilian Jiu Jutsu in the San Jose area, Heroes is my favorite by far.
First of all it is centrally located in Downtown San Jose near San Jose State. The facilities is one of the most beautiful gyms you will ever see. Nice high ceilings, brick walls, plenty of mat space. Gumby is an awesome instructor and is able to breakdown techniques making it easy for a beginner like myself to learn, most importantly there is plenty of drilling before we even get to roll. The other main reasons I chose to go to Heroes is the wide availability of classes from mornings to evenings, classes such as wrestling and Judo, and the students at the academy who are always willing to help and work you hard. I always feel safe on the mat and had never had any incidents with people trying to crank techniques on me. Come by and check it out for your self.


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