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At Heroes Martial Arts we pride ourselves on providing a complete curriculum for the grappling arts. The environment is challenging but fair and we work to maximize the potential of each student. Visitors can expect a friendly, safe and clean environment with careful instruction and challenges abounding. We’re tough at Heroes Martial Arts, but you will have a real feeling of satisfaction after every class you’ve attended.

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Strong Fundamentals Program to High Level Competition...One Team

We have classes 7 days a week for all levels of students, whether you're just starting out or you planning on taking on the world you will find a place at Heroes Martial Arts. We have created a community of martial artists that work together on and off the mat.

Find out for yourself. Discover your potential.

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Kevin Miller

Great gym. Lots a space and good mats. I dropped in from out of town and was very welcomed. The early bird Jiu Jitsu class was great. Good group of grapplers with good skills…..even at 6:30 in the morning! Gumby (owner) was exceptionally humble and equally hospitable. I would recommend this as a home gym […]

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Chris O.

I finally got the opportunity to visit Heroes and Gumby runs an excellent program! His instruction is clear with exceptional detail. Whether your are a brand new martial artist or a seasoned fighter,  you will definitely have the ability to reach your maximum potential with Gumby. His facility is clean with plenty of space. The […]

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Biti N.

I actually belong to another gym but we have a lot of Heroes members who comes by my location. I was invited over by meeting them when they’d drop in. The atmosphere here is phenomenal. Gumby was very kind to allow me to work with his members and he always is very polite by greeting […]

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Andy N.

You honestly cannot find a better gym in the Bay Area. Besides having one of the nicest looking academies in the world, the level of instruction from Gumby and team and the amazingly nice people that train here make this my favorite place in San Jose. The only caveat I can mention is that during […]

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Eran G.

When I started training at Heroes, I was already a purple belt and had been training 5 years at that point. I’d recently moved to the Bay Area, and was looking for a new academy to call home. I’ve visited quite a few places before arriving at Heroes, as I moved to Mountain View which […]

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