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At Heroes Martial Arts we pride ourselves on providing a complete curriculum for the grappling arts. The environment is challenging but fair and we work to maximize the potential of each student. Visitors can expect a friendly, safe and clean environment with careful instruction and challenges abounding. We’re tough at Heroes Martial Arts, but you will have a real feeling of satisfaction after every class you’ve attended.

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Strong Fundamentals Program to High Level Competition...One Team

We have classes 7 days a week for all levels of students, whether you're just starting out or you planning on taking on the world you will find a place at Heroes Martial Arts. We have created a community of martial artists that work together on and off the mat.

Find out for yourself. Discover your potential.

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Mister T.

Super clean academy. It amazes me after rolling for hours my white gi is still as white as when I first brought it in. Gumby is patient and a great instructor. All the other instructors and classmates are also extremely helpful and easy going. No egos! Super chill but at the same time offers great […]

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Joe M.

Very good school.  Excellent facilities, lots of clean mats, as well as a shower, and morning and noon classes that actually have good turnouts.  Everyone here is very friendly, and didn’t give me the business even though i came from a different school.  Only complaint would be less than great parking since it is downtown, […]

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Luke S.

My favorite spot in San Jose to train at. Great vibe and quality instruction.

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Viv Ian E

I just finished my first week of the free two week trial period and I am STOKED!! (Attended 4 classes so far, one with no gi) I have no background in Martial Arts except for when I did Karate in Elementary School, but I don’t count that because I don’t remember shit, and I didn’t […]

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Nick G.

This is a great place for beginner to advance students in BJJ. A lot of great things have happened to this place, such as the expansion of additional mats, the improvement and development in the current students, and the curriculum of the classes. Gumby is a well rounded teacher and does have a good grasp […]

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