Jamie E.

This is an excellent place to begin, if you want to try BJJ for the first time. It is very low key, so you have the always great combination of talent without hoopla.

It has an unusually large group of purple brown and black belts, who are usually generous with help.  To me, the ethos of teaching someone else what you have learned is one of the more important aspects of martial arts.  It shows appreciation for the people who took time with you, and it shows generosity and friendliness.

Gumby, the main man, is also low-key.  Not a show-off or bragger at all.  Has his lessons well-organized.  Pay attention to the details, because this is one of his strengths.  These details make the difference between mediocre and great.

The location is convenient if you live or work near downtown. The atmosphere of this place is calm and spacious.  It could be tidier (less dusty and more organized), but there’s nothing gross.  To me, being clean and orderly is another important aspect of martial arts ethos.

I have been training for several years, but mostly in striking.  I started at Heroes after moving from LA area, where I trained at Big John McCarthy’s. I checked a lot of places and did trial visits, and so far this has been the best.

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