William E.

To start off with, Gumby is the man.  As a co-founder of the bjj brand, OTM, Gumby has been a huge influence in the bjj community since before the art went mainstream, selling tapes (TAPES!) of matches from Brazil, manufacturing affordable, durable OTM gis, and promoting events, fighters, and good causes inside and outside of jiu-jitsu for over a decade.  The man bleeds jiu-jitsu and lives his life On The Mat.

I’ve been at Heroes for nearly 4 years, and it is hands-down one of the best gyms I’ve ever trained at.  The friendships I’ve made there, the top-level instruction I’ve received from Gumby, and the life-long gift of jiu-jitsu I’ve received from Heroes is impossible to put a price-tag on.  In fact, two of the friends I made while training at Heroes are now my partners in a small-business we recently formed.

Heroes is more than an academy, it’s a family, one that I extremely proud to be a member of.  If you’re looking for a gym that teaches more than technique, that teaches you how to be a better person through martial arts, then look no further than Heroes.

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