Heroes is Moving! Our Master Plan for the next few months for the move across the street.

It has been official for sometime, but it is probably about time to make an official announcement:
HEROES MARTIAL ARTS IS MOVING!  We will be taking over the spot directly across 1st street at 450 South 1st Street
If you want to read a longish explanation of the reasons behind the move, you can check read more on this page: https://wp.me/p7Zjud-1KW
As big of a task as moving any business goes, we have tried to make this transition as smooth as possible for the member of Heroes Martial Arts.  We feel it is important to note that there will be NO disruption of classes.  The move itself is across the street to the former Downtown Yoga Shala location, and is a little over 100 feet away (thereby not affecting student’s commutes in any way).  Don’t believe me?  Check out what Google has to say:
The new facility is built out already and needs very little change on our part to make it work (seeing about swapping out reception desks and removing one door.  The new facility already has bathrooms, a shower, separate changing rooms and a kitchen area.  The new building is climate controlled and although I believe in our ability to tough out certain conditions, it will be nice to have Air Conditioning on days the where the temperature hits triple digits.
We will actually have two rooms of mats giving us the ability to run two classes at the same time which we are very excited about (although total mat space will be similar or slightly smaller than Heroes current mat space) and much to our regret, no more long wind sprints.
We will lose our workout area (the decision came to have either more mat space or an exercise area, we opted for a more mat space).
Also there will be a smaller waiting area and no formal student lounge as we had before (Gumby does get a much needed office however).  This is less of an issue now than when Heroes first opened up as there any number of great hang out spots in the SoFA neighborhood now including  Forager http://www.sjforager.com/ Uproar Brewing https://www.uproarbrewing.com/ SoFa Market http://www.sofamarketsj.com/ Academic Coffee http://www.academiccoffee.com/ Caffe Frascati http://www.caffefrascati.com/ and the Parque de los Pobladores among others.