Fight to Win Pro featuring Gumby and Eastside

Fight to Win is the greatest grappling show on Earth featuring 35 Submission Only Fights!  The energy, excitement and skill displayed makes this one of the most FUN Jiu Jitsu events you can attend live.

Fight to Win Pro 76 will be at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds on June 8th and will feature two of Heroes Martial Arts very own black belts and instructors:  “Eastside” Nick Borbon and founder Alan “Gumby” Marques!  Both have tough opponents and are looking forward to putting on a show for you all.
To order your tickets online go to:
Select you event as Fight to Win Pro 76 in the left hand column
Select “Heroes Martial Arts” as your fighter in the center column
and Eastside and Gumby will share credit for the ticket sale!
We will also have hard copy tickets available at Heroes Front Desk.  
Eastside and Gumby will be towards the end of the event and will likely be on sometime closer to 9 PM, so plan accordingly.  
We really look forward to competing for all of you and are excited about the big show!
See you on the mat!

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