Heroes Competition Schedule November 3rd and 4th

This upcoming weekend is absolutely bonkers with Heroes represented in three different grappling events!  Check out the line up and schedule!
US Open Schedule
Saturday November 3
3:30 PM Al Lagura (Purple Adult Light Feather)
4:00 PM Denis Trofimov, Chris “Bubbles” Laroya (Purple Master 1 Light)
4:20 PM David Notaro (Purple Master 1 Middleweight)
6:00 PM Purple Open Division
6:30 PM Bill Evon (Brown Master 2 Middleweight) Vincent Wong (Brown Master 2 Ultra Heavy)
Sunday November 4
10:30 AM Jonathan Esquivel (Blue Adult Light)
11:15 AM Bren Veziroglu (Blue Adult Middle) Mark Ruiz (Blue Master 2 Middle)
12:00 PM Ty Doughty (Blue Adult Medium Heavy)
2:00 PM Jasmine Newbeck (White Adult Rooster)
3:45 PM Franco Abella (White Master 1 Middle) Melissa Manual (White Adult Middle)
4:00 PM Blue Belt Open Division
4:45 PM Laura Kim (White Adult Medium Heavy) Cody Wilson, Cyrus Javan (White Adult Medium Heavy)
5:15 PM Richard Ramirez (White Adult Heavy) Ernie Martinez (White Master 1 Heavy)
ADCC East Coast North American Trials Saturday Nov 3rd
Isaac Moreno, Steven Lorenzo Professional Male 76.9kg
Long Beach International Open IBJJF Jiu Jitsu Championships
David Frederick (Brown Belt Adult Middle)
Also note because of the US Open Saturday Classes will run as scheduled, while Sundays class has been cancelled.

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