Keeping in Shape…A Personal Story

I am not sure you can if can see any difference in me physically in the before or after shots but they are there.  The left photo is six weeks old and is my on the last day of my “bulk phase” at a near all time body weight high or 184 (83.5).  The right is today as to prepare for the Masters Worlds I upped my discipline and training and got down to 173 (78.5).  That’s actually a big deal to me as I definitely consider myself a “hard gainer” in that all of my life my weight and outward appearance rarely fluctuates but as I always tell my students weight isn’t always the best indicators of fitness and health.  At 6’2 (188cm)  I’ve always been on the side of feeling “underweight” actually, the 173 mark represents a milestone for me as well.  I wish I could make accurate measurements but I can say my body fat is down, my strength level is increased and my energy is currently through the roof.  Not bad for one month shy of 46 years old.  

I have to maintain a certain level of fitness for my job and to be able to do what i love, but it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself as well.  More hours training myself, more hours in the gym (strength training and cardio) and being very discipled on the diet, including cutting out alcohol and sugars for a duration.  I use these training periods for competition as a reset for myself and try not to do anything extraordinarily drastic, but instead try to set myself up with better habits for the year(s) to come. 

There are a lot of folks in my life that push me, but for this there are two folks I especially need to single out.  Firstly my chiropractor Dino Del Mastro @crossfix for his years of keeping my body working.  Truth is I tend to see him only when I am wrecked (which is getting more often) but this year he helped me develop a routine to get past a persistent back injury that has bothered me for YEARS, that I am finally feeling like I am managing well.  It’s not “fixed” in the sense I realize this is a lifelong process but I feel like I am on the right path.

And my of course my wife Pam @cleanlivingfiend  She’s kind of insane, but her dedication to health and family means she’s been very supportive of me and my insanities over the years, and always preparing healthy snacks and dinners for me helps keep me on track and I have no idea why I ever complain (riced Cauliflower is a tool of Satan however).  Thanks babe.  

 I could say that I do this to be a better example and leader to those around me (I am posting this on social media after all), but the truth is I do this for myself and my own needs first and foremost.  But if I can inspire you than I am grateful for the opportunity.  
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