The Plan

When I opened up Heroes Martial Arts 11 years ago, the plan was to share my love of Jiu Jitsu.  I have already been titled the Voice of Jiu Jitsu in America through my work with OTM, but my first love is being on the mat and being able to work with people on a more personal basis.  Although I always put the art first, I always had a larger master plan which I knew would take time to develop.  
Heroes Martial Arts is a business of course, but my main investment was going to be in people.  Over the years we have had successes and we have had our share of hard times, but we made through stronger day after day because the vision was always to build something bigger than ourselves. 
As an Instructor, my job is to build students who will surpass me.  
It is with great pleasure that I announce the start of the next chapter of Heroes Martial Arts, the opening of our second location. In the next few weeks classes will be running inthe new studio at the Capitol Square Mall in the Eastside of San Jose.  
Along with this announcement comes a series of sub announcements.  Firstly comes the declaration  and promotion of the instructors for each of the locations.  
Nick “Eastside” Borbon will assume primary instruction duties at the ESSJ Heroes Martial Arts.  
Trevor Ireland will assume primary instruction duties at the DTSJ Heroes Martial Arts.  
Bobby Vazquez, Konstantin Skacharov, and Marcelino “Miggs” Miguel will continue their roles as instructors for Heroes Martial Arts.  
I am genuinely excited for each of their increased roles and duties and very grateful for their help in getting us to this stage.  
I am very happy to share this a collaborative effort somewhat unique in the business model of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the instructors are presented as owner/collaborators and as always we are working on opportunities well beyond the scope of the mat.  
I (Gumby) will move unto a Head Instructor role and will actively instruct at both Heroes Martial Arts locations.  (I still love teaching and have no plans of giving this up) but will also be allowed to pursue other projects and duties related to the spread of Jiu Jitsu and Heroes Martial Arts.  
The schedules for each of the Studio will be expanded and complimentary to each other so there will be a variety of options every day for students to train in the class that fits their skill level and intensity.  
Membership at Heroes Martial Arts will include access to BOTH locations.
The DTSJ (450 S 1st Street) location will focus on adult programs, with (more) classes early morning, mid morning and afternoons and evenings.  
All youth programs will all move to the ESSJ  (418 N Capitol Ave) location.  There will be a focus on Fundamentals for Children and a Competitive Teens Team.  Adult classes will run in the evening time and will be complimentary to the DTSJ schedule.  Mornings will be reserved for various camps which will be announced shortly.  
It is this next phase of this mission in which I am most excited about.  If I am proud of anything of the years of building Heroes it is the quality of people we have attracted, the opportunities that we worked to provide to help people better themselves, and the chance to continue to replicate that positive cycle.  We chose to open the next location in the Eastside because it gives us our best opportunity to continue to reach a new audience of youth with a team that comes from there themselves, and it is a great location to build our team exponentially while maintaining an integrity and synergy to the teams.  
As I said to” Eastside” Nick, who started off at an age when his mother had to sign the waiver and has now grown into a well known competitor, an excellent instructor and a better human being, his mission is now to “build the next version of him”.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Heroes Martial Arts team.  Thank you so much for your support over the years.  
Much more coming soon!
Alan “Gumby” Marques

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