What is the Accessories Class?

In response to an email I got this morning, I thought I would share:

 I do have an Accessories Class today at 5PM and I will be teaching it.  What is it?

While I would consider the classes you have taken so far (Fundamentals, to be level 1, with advanced classes to be level 3) I am calling the Accessories Class a Level 0 class.  That is not to say I think the class is only for beginners or new students.

I use this class to work on the fundamental techniques in a different way, where as the Fundamentals Class will work on a technique and concept behind it, I am more looking at the mechanical motions and sometimes small detail that will actually make the technique more successful or even possible.  

  I drew from an inspiration powerlifting believe it or not.  Now in Powerlifting there are three movements that the contest tests you on:  Benchpress, Squat and Deadlift.  But anyone who competes in that will also tell you that there are a lot of other exercises they will do to get better at those particular movements (it’s not just a matter of doing the bench, squat and deadlift over and over again).  The analogy between Powerlifting and BJJ only works so far but I really liked the concept of accessory work.

  Watching this video was a lightbulb moment off in my head:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbIL9FMKR08
Also, with the schedule change of this year and giving more responsibilities to Trevor and Eastside including teaching the Fundamentals class, the Accessories Class is a good way for me to personally get to work with the newer students at Heroes, but I honestly believe all levels can benefit from both classes. 

  Hope to see you soon!

Accessories Class is All Levels from 5PM to 6PM Mondays and Wednesdays at the Heroes Downtown Location

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