Coronavirus Update / Grand Opening Postponed / Classes are on Regular Schedule

Like pretty much everyone else in the world, we are monitoring the Coronavirus situation (and the official responses to it extremely carefully.

 We are not here to make a comment on it medically (we’re not doctors over here) or the social implications of it (we’re not politicians either).  We’re only going to let you know what we are going to do.

Firstly, we are monitoring the state / city government and health department guidelines and will comply with any orders given out.  
So far as of the email nothing has been made official but in accordance with some of the other cancellations that have happened to major events in town, we have decided to postpone the grand opening party of our Eastside Heroes Martial Arts until further notice.

To clarify, both the Eastside and Downtown location of Heroes are running our full schedules, and we have no interruption in daily classes planned. 

Now, we take our student and staff’s safety extremely seriously, both in regards to our environment and the actual training.  As a close contact art we’ve always had to take such precautions, not only against Coronavirus, but against illnesses and ailments common to what we do including ringworm, Staph, and even (especially) the common cold.  As always, to let you know what we do not only during this time of scrutiny, but actually every time:

  1.    All mat surfaces and training areas are cleaned after every session.  We spray down the mats with a mixture of Simple Green d Pro 3 Plus.  
  2. Other common areas and surfaces (especially the bathrooms and shower) are cleaned frequently and professionally (we have a service coming in several times per week and we spot check things ourselves). 
  3. Any loaner uniforms and equipment is immediately washed afterward and we never loan out dirty equipment.
  4. Staff and instructors are keen to spot someone who looks ill or has what looks like any kind of skin infection and will (kindly) advise the party not to train that day.

Accordingly, we have some requests of everyone that not only applies now in times scrutiny but actually all the time:

  1.    If you feel sick or have a thought you might be contagious, STAY HOME.  Hey we miss you too, but in this case misery really doesn’t love company.
  2. Please make sure you uniform (gi or no gi) is clean each session you come unto the mat.  
  3. No shoes on the mat.  No bare feet off the mat.  You are free to store slippers in the back, but the ones that are there are not for common use.  
  4. There is hand sanitizer available at the front desk, and there is plenty of soap and water in the bathrooms.  Use all you need.  The recommended time to wash your hands is twenty seconds before rinsing. 

  So with some common sense and taking care of the precautions that are already recommended and in place we can get through this together and have some great training.  

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