Heroes Martial Arts Closed until April 3 due to CoronaVirus.

I am sure you have been following the developments on the Coronavirus Pandemic going on right now.  After the official announcement from the Santa Clara County Health Department, as well as consulting experts in the field, we have made the decision to close both locations of the Heroes Martial Arts gym until April 3rd.  


We’re as bummed as anyone else about not being able to train, but in the bigger picture there are more important things in life than Jiu Jitsu.  There is no way that this was an easy decision and much consideration was put into this, but ultimately the health of all of our staff, students, family and friend as well as our community HAS to come first.

To be clear, no one at Heroes has been diagnosed with CoronaVirus or shown any symptoms.  But being in Santa Clara County we are in one of the areas with the most confirmed cases.  

This wasn’t the easiest decision to make from a business standpoint as well and we are not sure of the ultimate repercussions of having to shut down for an extended period of time, and we are well aware of the affect on the greater community at large also.

For our part we offering the following:

If you can ride this one out with us and continue your billing on it’s regular cycle, we’d be extremely grateful as running a gym is not a cheap endeavor and we will still be responsible for bills and the like.  Along with the opening of the new gym we just embarked on what I believe is one of the first programs in Jiu Jitsu of making manager /owners out of some of the team.  There is aid available to small businesses but that information is not clear art the moment.  

If you do decide to continue with us during the shutdown we will offer the following options.

  A.  Voucher for a Private or Group Lesson to make up for time lost.

  B.  Voucher for a free month either for a Friend or a child.

We will also be releasing online content as we can to keep your minds and body sharp during this time off.  

We have two channels available at https://www.youtube.com/user/HeroesMASJ and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Ls4A4Ac7KbAuLto3Jv9Jg

We realize times are tough all around, so if you need to suspend your payment for the time being as well we certainly understand that, you can let us know.  

Our plan is to come out of this both in body and as a community stronger, but there are certainly some uncertainties on the horizon.  

Of course we will keep everyone in the loop with what is happening.  Any questions or concerns feel free to message me directly

Thanks for your understanding and everyone stay safe out there!

Gumby, on behalf of the Heroes Martial Arts Team

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