Youth Classes are Back June 10!

Youth classes are back starting June 10th at Heroes Capitol Square Mall Location
Per the County of Santa Clara’s latest Public Health Orders, and working with the City of San Jose we are allowed to bring back the Youth Programs!  (Full order can be viewed here)


However for the student’s and public’s safety we will have to make modifications tour schedules and protocols.  

  1.  Class Sizes are limited to 12 students by County declaration.  We will have classes offered where children may come in pairs from the same household (up to 12 per session) and we will also offer classes where they can work solo (class size limited to 6) with a training dummy they must bring (instructions on how to make one will be given).
  2. Our current schedule of classes will be as follows.  Youth may pick one two per week session to start with, and once in the group is set there is no intermingling or switching for a period of three weeks.  

             Monday / Wednesday/Friday  3PM-3:50PM kid partner   4:30PM- 5:30PM Teens Group
            Tuesday /Thursday          3PM-3:50PM Kids solo

  1. There will be a check in process including temperature check and sanitation stationwhich will begin five minutes before the class is scheduled.  No student will be permitted to enter later than five minutes after the start of the class.  Students should come in uniform ready to go, as the changing rooms will be closed.  Students are encouraged to bring their own water, but no water can be provided from the gym.  
  2. Students over the age of 6 will be required to wear a mask.  Students will be required to stay within their designated areas unless given permission to go to the bathroom.  Failure to comply with these rules or orders stemming from the shelter in place order may result in immediate dismissal from the classes.  
  3. Parents / Adults other than the instructor are not allowed inside of the building during class.  There is a large window space for the class to be viewable from the outside.  
  4. Students must vacate the premises promptly after class so clean up can procedures can begin.
  5. Again, once a student has selected a schedule that schedule must be adhered to for a period of at least three weeks and no inter class mingling by order of the county.  

  We will are building our class rosters right now and will have orientation, protocol and additional waiver signings on Monday and Tuesday.  Classes will formally begin on Wednesday.  Again, class size is strictly limited by the county, and once the roster is set they cannot be changed for a minimum of three weeks, so reserve your spots NOW.  Please contact Gumby directly to make arrangements!
  We are looking forward to seeing the future of our art back on the mat!

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