New Heroes Online Site!

We are very proud to say we have launched our new Online website.  We had been planning this one for sometime, but given the circumstances we pushed our launch date significantly up.  

The new online site includes:

Well thought out Courses

Our Courses are the result of years of teaching a curriculum at our Academy and are the same classes we have taught at all levels at Heroes for over a decade! Not only positions and techniques are covered but the thought processes, philosophies and strategies are discussed at length as well. A very strong Fundamentals program will give you the platform to develop your own Jiu Jitsu understanding and grow your own style!

Live Classes

Bonus for Deluxe Members! Access to Live Classes via Zoom gives you the ability to interact with the instructors, view classes as the occur at the Academy, and live question and answer sessions!

Old School Footage

Bonus for Deluxe Members! Exclusive access to videos from the OntheMat era of Jiu Jitsu (1999-2005 and beyond). All footage remastered from the original digital masters and much has not been available for years! Learn your history, know your roots and enjoy some of the greatest Jiu Jitsu and Martial Artists of all time! Plus get Gumby’s Old School Stories!

You can check out the new website here at https://online.heroesma.com

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