Heroes Reopening Survey

We are hoping to be able to Open Heroes to Adult Classes on either June 19th or June 26 depending on the modification of the County of Santa Clara’s Shelter in Place Orders. 

A very likely scenario is that the modified orders will have us at reduced capacity (12 students at a time) and groups will need to be set in place for a minimum of three weeks. Students will only be able to participate in one group at a time and until restrictions are loosened, the groups will not be able to intermix. 

In anticipation for being able to open, we are trying to set up the appropriate class times and rosters to allow everyone to come to train safely and in compliance with county orders.  Your participation in the survey will help us determine what is important to you as we prepare to re open, and which group might be the best fit for the foreseeable future.

Thanks so much for your patience and we cannot wait to see you back on the mat!

How Likely are to Train as Soon as Heroes Reopens? *

Depending on County of Santa Clara Orders we will likely either open on June 19 or June 26 for Adults

What safety precautions are the most important to you in order to start training? *

(We're likely going to do all of the below, but we want to know what you consider the most important)

During Class, how do you feel about training with a partner? *

In the post Covid-19 world that is...

When finding a preferred group to train with, my ideal group would have... *

First Choice

The Best time for me to train at is *

The Best time for me to train at is

My Preferred Training Location is *

My Preferred Training Location is

For the Brown and Black Belts. Due to County restrictions the amount of groups an instructor can safely lead will likely be limited. Are you interested in leading a designated group? *

Brown and Black belts only....sorry

Contact information so we can figure out how to place you in a group of 12 *


Also note that if you have someone or a group you definitely want to work with, you should contact them to let Gumby know and your slots will get a priority placement!

We will contact you to sort out the schedule and rosters!

Thanks for your patience and support Heroes!

3 thoughts on “Heroes Reopening Survey”

  1. About the training partner question, I will train with anyone. I considered trying to borrow a child to attend the family classes.


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