Group Class Rosters Revealed.

We still don’t have a confirmed opening date per Santa Clara County Guidelines. When we open we plan on having “Pod” Classes. Groups will be limited to 12 participants, who will have to remain in their group (no mixing groups for a minimum of three weeks) and everyone will be subject to a health check and questionnaire.

Because of the need to keep the instructors safe and minimize everyone’s risk, a number of black and brown belt instructors have stepped up to lead groups as well. The material, intensity level will vary depending on the make up of the class, but note some classes are advertised as being either more Fundamental or Advanced.

Sessions will be 90 minutes each with 30 minutes in between to properly clean the facilities.

To be fair, we are releasing the schedules now so you can plan with your teammates and friends for which group you want to sign up for. Because space is obviously very limited all participants must have a current membership, but if Covid-19 circumstances hit you and you were unable to maintain a membership please contact me to work something out, I don’t want to lose anyone to this pandemic and we’ll figure it out!

The link for sign ups will go out on Monday and I’m sure slots will fill up quickly! We realize the situation is less than ideal, but we are working to be sure we are doing our best to cover everyone from a health, ethical and legal sense!

MWF 6:30AM Ben Shaw (Early Bird Crew)
MWF 10AM Trevor (Fundamental)
MWF Noon Paul (Advanced)
MWF 6PM Gumby
MWF 8PM Julius and Dave (Advanced)

T/TR 10:00 AM Gumby
T/TR Noon Bobby
T/TR 4PM Sean Whitmore (Social Distancing)
T/TR Sat 6PM and Sat 10AM Trevor

Sundays Closed for Deep Cleaning


MWF 3PM (Kids Partner) Chuck
MWF 4:30 Teens Nick
MWF 6PM Nick

T/TR 3PM Kids Solo Chuck
T/TR/ 6PM and Sat 10AM Dante

Sundays Closed for Deep Cleaning

Everything is subject to change based on the County of Santa Clara orders and we are very much hoping to be able to announce our official opening date soon!

Thanks so much Heroes!


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