Heroes Newsletter July 20, 2020

We got gear in our online store for you, including the new Heroes Lycra masks!  Right now use Coupon Code roaringback for 30% off of your entire purchase! https://heroesma.com/shop/

Heroes got to open for two days Open, but unfortunately we had to shut down again because of the State of California Shelter in Place Rules.
Santa Clara as a whole is doing pretty well, so if we stick together and keep doing the right things, we’ll hopefully be back on the mat soon.  

Congratulations to Chuck Walker and DJ Chris Laroya (aka Bubbles) for receiving their brown belts.  And a special congrats to Paul Telles for receiving his black belt!

Honestly promotions are planned out pretty far in advance and we were looking forward to this and other promotions in late March until…well, you know what happened.

Hybrid Training is the future, for now at least.  Scheduled opportunities for in person training with tightly monitored rosters and lots of communication between participants PLUS supplementation with online learning.  As always we are relying on the commons sense and common courtesy of our Heroes Members to take care of each other and our community.  You can sign up now and get first right to reserve your spot on the mat by going here:  https://www.maonrails.com/signup/member/7q7

We’ve completed the first phase of our Online Site and we’re really proud of it.  The entire Fundamentals Course is now online as well as tons of footage from the OTM Archive.  There’s literally almost 40 hours of footage up (well over 100GB) and we’re filming and updating constantly.  Plus that is where you’ll get access to our live classes including Janet’s Cardio Kickboxing Classes.

Current Heroes Members have full access, but if you are a past member, interested in joining Heroes when everything calms down or are just looking for a way to support the academy right now, you can sign up for your membership https://online.heroesma.com

Visit the Online Store and use Coupon Code roaringback for 30% off of your entire purchase.  The new Heroes Lycra Masks, the T-Shirts, QuickFlip Dryfit Hoodies, every thing is only sale right now.  You can do in gym pick up or we can ship to you as well! https://heroesma.com/shop/

Thanks for the support and we’ll see you soon!
Gumby, and the Heroes Team

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