Updates and Clarification to Covid-19 Policies

Heroes Martial Arts is operating under the guidance of all City, County and State regulations regarding Covid-19 openings.  While there has never been a willful disobedience of any guideline or law, there is certainly a level of confusion, especially between State and County guidelines and we are doing our best to stay current with the situation.  

We also recognize that despite every precaution and policy we put in place, there is no such thing as a completely safe environment, only a “safer” environment and anyone training in these times does so at their own risk.

We have instituted Pod training for this period with set schedules and rosters of no more than (12) per pod.  Once participating in a pod a student may not change a pod for a period of at least three weeks (or pending a negative Covid test).

Pods are built around trust and communication and participation between EVERY MEMBER OF THE POD.

Per county guidelines, Masks are required at all times indoors.  

While testing cannot officially be required by Heroes to participate in a pod, it is strongly recommended.  No member of a pod should be forced to train with another member of a pod that they do not feel comfortable with for any reason, and it has been expressed by more than a few that testing is what gets them to that comfort level.  

In addition, pod leaders and instructors are human as well and perhaps have just as much at stake for keeping negative, and they may request a test to get to a comfort level of someone they would be willing to train with.  

The Heroes Staff is being tested on a regular basis, with myself (Gumby)  moving my testing schedule up to every two weeks now.  

Testing is free and widely available and more information can be found here.  

It also our belief that more testing is a key in moving the state in a direction that will slow the spread of Covid and allow more businesses to open or loosen restrictions.  More information and where the county of Santa Clara stands on the official state watch list can be found here:

If someone in a pod tests positive:
1:  The pod is immediately shut down.

2:  Everyone in the pod will be informed and encouraged to get tested and/or quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days.

3:  Pod can be re-opened after a negative test result or 14 day quarantine with no symptoms.

*If you have tested Positive for Covid-19. This information has been vetted through TWO separate doctors who actually train Jiu Jitsu
1:  Please inform your pod leader and myself, who will inform every member of the pod to get tested and/or quarantine.

2:  Training can resume 14 days after showing no symptoms (fever) of Covid-19

3:  An individual who has tested positive for Covid-19 but has not shown symptoms for 14 days will continue to register a positive test for CoronaVirus but will not be able to transmit the virus.  

4:  Both Doctors have said they would be comfortable training with someone who tested positive but hasn’t shown symptoms of Covid-19, and based on that I advice I can say that I (Gumby) personally would have no problem training with them.  

As always, everything is based on common sense and common courtesy.  

Thank you for the support, and if you’re not assigned to a pod and would like to continue (or start) training please contact me!
-Gumby, and the Heroes Crew

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