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This is the Sign Up Page for the Group Classes when the County of Santa Clara declares we can move into  Red Tier (Gyms allowed to10% capacity).  Date is not set yet. Rosters are Heroes Members Only.  No Drops  Ins or Trial Classes for the Time Being.  All Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Students may only select one group to participate in and may not change groups for a period of at least 3 weeks (per Shelter in Place Order.) (Selecting more than one Group may disqualify you from both groups.  Rosters are not updated in real time on this page). Students must certify they are symptom free of Covid-19 or any other illness, that they have not knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 and have not travelled out of the area for at least 2 weeks.  An additional Covid-19 Waiver is required before re-entry into class.  Students will be subject to health check  upon arrival to  class. 

Class offerings may be changed, expanded or added later depending on instructor / leader availability and County Orders.

Current County maximum occupancy is 19  at Downtown location and 11 at Capitol Square Mall (Red Tier)

To sign up for a group, or if you have any questions or email info@heroesmartialarts.com

Downtown 450 S 1st Street San Jose 95113

Breakfast with Ben 6:30 AM MWF

Suitable for All Levels (Mix between Technical and Drilling)

  1. Ben Shaw (Group Leader)
  2. Felipe Aguilar
  3. Paul Loeb
  4. Henry Vu
  5. Andrew Dunn
  6. Alan Duarte
  7. Nima Shams
  8. Kassandra Mendoza
  9. Alexandra Coleman
  10. Andrew Samoylov
  11. Richard Ramirez
  12. Kieran Kelly
  13. David Lee

Mornings with Trevor 10:00AM MWF

Suitable for All Levels (Mix between Technical and Drilling)

  1. Trevor Ireland (Instructor)
  2. Canyon Read
  3. Jim Kent
  4. Aaron Sakai
  5. Richard Urbano
  6. Joe Morrow

Early Evening with Gumby 6:00 PM MWF

Suitable for All Levels (Mix between Technical and Drilling) POD FULL CONTACT FOR WAITLIST

  1. Gumby (Instructor)
  2. John Boy Palarca
  3. Nathan Tenorio
  4. Drew Guinnane
  5. Michael Merolla
  6. Jason Seto
  7. Daniel Mendoza
  8. Julio Garcia
  9. Shreyas Jukanti
  10. Wilbert Thigpen
  11. Nicolas Derksen
  12. James Doran
  13. Jojo Labrare
  14. Laura Kim
  15. Miles Pascal-Gonzalez
  16. Matt Munoz
  17. Van Vu
  18. Becky Mendez
  19. Michael Pali

Evenings with Julius + Dave 8:00PM MWF

Advanced Level Suggested Higher Intensity Class

  1. Julius Go (Co-Leader)
  2. Dave Notaro (Co-Leader)
  3. Vlad Karnaukhov
  4. Gala Karnaukhova
  5. Lyle Malboeuf Kosinski
  6. Zach Nagatani
  7. Zoey Richter
  8. Stefani Eskins

Noon with Bobby and Paul Monday-Friday

Suitable for All Levels (Mix between Technical and Drilling)

  1. Bobby Vasquez (Co-Leader)
  2. Paul Telles (Co-leader)
  3. Elija Wright
  4. Don Bailey
  5. Ian Tilford
  6. Octavio Martinez
  7. Gabriel Barron
  8. Bobby Perez

Early Evening plus Sat 6PM T/TR with Trevor

Best for New Students (More Instructional plus Drilling) T/TR 6PM plus Saturday 10AM 

  1. Trevor  (Instructor)
  2. Robert Soto
  3. Jonathon Esquivel
  4. Alex Chiu
  5. Viviane Ly
  6. Albert Villarreal
  7. Eric McEwen
  8. Cody Nicholas
  9. Bryce Constantino
  10. Francisco Ojeda
  11. Brandon Tom
  12. John Whisman
  13. Michael Nguyen
  14. Miguel Lopez

Eastside 418 N Captiol Ave San Jose 95133

Early Evenings with Nick MWF 6:00PM

Suitable for All Levels (Mix between Technical and Drilling)

Pod Full Contact for Waitlist

  1. Nick Borbon (Instructor)
  2. Jeremy Portilla
  3. Richard Guinnane
  4. Isaac Moreno
  5. Henry Fischer
  6. Janet Garcia
  7. Manny Avarado
  8. Melissa Manuel
  9. Ignacio Flores
  10. Christian
  11. Michael Martinez

Mornings with Gumby 10AM T/TR/Friday

Best for New Students (More Instructional plus Drilling)

  1. Gumby (Instructor)
  2. Bryan Basilio
  3. Bryan Pellegrin

Early Evening plus Saturday with Dante T/TR 6:00PM

Suitable for All Levels (Mix between Technical and Drilling) T/TR 6PM plus Saturday 10AM

  1. Dante Sagasi (Instructor)
  2. Neil Rufino
  3. Christopher Laroya
  4. Eduardo Vergara
  5. William Le
  6. Eric Eugenio
  7. Romeo Eugenio
  8. Calvin Tran
  9. Jen Del Valle
  10. Jackie Vazquez