May 2nd Superfights!

Heroes Martial Arts with the SoFA Street Fair

LIVE Sunday May 2nd from 4PM to 6PM PST

All Single Fights

Tap or Ten Rules

(Invented by Jeff Glover)

First to 10 or  Submission  Wins!
7 Minute Time Limit
All Positions Legal!
All Submissions Legal Except Heel Hooks
1 Point:  Any Sweep, Reversal or Pulling Guard (for the Opponent)
2 Points:  Guard Pass
3 Points:  Mount or Back

Covid Protocols

In accordance to Venue Rules by County for Performances
Must be able to prove vaccination to enter OR
Have negative Covid-19 Test within 72 hours
Everyone inside must wear mask except athletes during competition
Strict Capacity Limits Enforced

The Matches!

Brown Belts
Isaac Moreno (Heroes) vs Chuck Walker (Heroes)
“DJ” Chris Laroya (Heroes) vs “Sexy” Michael Martinez (Heroes)
Blue Belts
Colton Smith (GTJJ) vs Manny Alvarado (Heroes)
Colin Eppard (GTJJ) vs Lyle Kosinski (Heroes)
White Belts:
Josh Earnest (GTJJ) vs Matt Munoz (Heroes)
Christian Pan  (Heroes) vs TBD (GTJJ)
Ignacio Flores (Heroes) vs Sean Yang (Heroes)
Irving Perez (Heroes) vs Luke Smith (GTJJ)
Brandon Tom (Heroes) vs Rick Bird (GTJJ)

Still looking for match ups, contact if interested!

Brown Belt 195 pounds (Masters 4)
Purple Belt 180 Pounds
Blue Belt 190 pounds
Blue Belt 170 pounds
Blue Belt 155 pounds
Blue Belt Female 170 pounds
White Belt (Female) 160 pounds

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