Moving Beyond the Pods

Because of the falling case rates and increased vaccinations within Santa Clara County and California, plus the responsible approach and sacrifices made in particular by there students of Heroes Martial Arts we are pleased to announce the next phase of the reopening plan, the end of the Pod System.  
Effective immediately, all registered students of Heroes Martial Arts will be able to attend any class they wish at both Heroes Martial Arts locations (Downtown San Jose and Capitol Square Mall).
Please note that we are not saying the Covid-19 Pandemic is over.  We will still be taking precautions for the safety of our students and community and to be in compliance with State and County Regulations:
  1.  Classes have a maximum capacity limit as determined by the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy Tier System.
  2. Classes and schedules are for currently enrolled Heroes Students only.
  3. We are instituting a new check in system to be able to enforce the first two point and be able to track attendance.  Instructions will be sent to enrolled students in a separate e-mail.
  4. All new enrollments and drop ins are by appointment only and subject to a briefing / screening before being allowed in the facilities.  
  5. State and County mandates the use of masks indoors whenever possible.  
In addition, we urge all students and residents to continue to be diligent and responsible outside of the academy, including:
  1. Continuing to practice social distancing
  2. Getting tested for Covid frequently (lowered numbers help the State Re-Opening Process https://scl.fulgentgenetics.com/appointment/screen/landing
  3. Getting vaccinated.  https://vax.sccgov.org/
  This is a milestone moment not only for Heroes Martial Arts, but the community as a whole as the County is emerging on the other side of the pandemic, finally.  Please keep in mind that this has been a rough go for many of our friends and neighbors, and that Covid-19 is certainly ravaging other parts of the world still, so if nothing else we owe diligence in this matter, if not actively seeking ways to help.  
  There will be more announcement when the county officially hits Yellow Tier (increased capacity) and
  June 15, when California is scheduled to emerge from the Tier system.

New Schedule starting Monday May 10

Eastside San Jose

Downtown San Jose

In addition to allowing Heroes Martial Arts students to be able to attend any class, we are pleased to announce our new schedules!  
First of all, we owe a huge thanks to our pod leaders who stepped up to help keep things going, without whom this would not have been possible.  By all accounts you did an awesome job! As our schedule expands and the regular instructors begin to resume teaching more classes, all of the pod leaders have opted to continue to lead some classes because they enjoyed the experience.
Our new schedule offers increased options and flexibility for all students at Heroes Martial Arts.  Highlights include:
        •Complimentary schedules at both Heroes Martial Arts locations so there is always an appropriate level class for everyone!  
        •Early morning classes (6:30 AM) expanded to five days a week!  Class Start times as late as 8PM for folks who have to work late!
        •More No-Gi classes with offerings both morning and evening!
        •The return of our famous Fundamentals classes.  Perfect for beginners, but great for all students trying to reinforce their basics!
        •New Masters Mat with Dante Sagassi, a differently paced setting for the, ahem, “older crowd”.
        •Slots for special sessions and workshops with various Heroes Instructors.  Stay tuned for special annoucements.
        •Competition specific camps getting the team ready for the return to competition!

Check in Process

Hey Team!
  We’re excited to be on the next stage of our re-opening process which allows registered student to attend any class they want to at either Heroes location!  In order to make this work (many Heroes have yet to meet face to face) and meet capacity and other criteria as dictating by the pandemic and the state and county response, we are introducing a quick check in process.  Students can register their attendance at the front desk kiosk iPads.
Tracking attendance with a numeric code
Members can check-in with a numeric code between 4 and 10 digits (you can set the number of digits in your attendance settings). You can find the code under the member profile, in the left sidebar below their personal information.
You can enter the code by using a keyboard, or by pressing the numbers in the virtual keypad on the screen.
Tracking attendance with name search
Members can check-in with a name search as well. Switch to the “Name Search” tab on the check-in screen, and start typing to select the member who is checking in.

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