Heroes Jiu Jitsu Curriculum Refreshes inn September!

We are restarting our world famous curriculum in September. Best time to start is always now, but if you were thinking of starting Jiu Jitsu, it’s especially RIGHT NOW!

Our famous structured programs mean that learning and training Jiu Jitsu is accessible to both the newest students to the advanced competitors. We maintain a consistency through our academies and instructors and allow for both a well structured base for students as well as they ability to personalize your jiu jitsu down the road.

You can sign up for our in person classes directly here, or contact us for more information!


Our schedule of subjects for the rest of 2022 is outlined here.

Sept 5 Fundamentals 1 and 2 CLOSED GUARD
Sept 12 Fundamentals 3 and 4 MOUNT Position
Sept 19 Fundamentals 5 and 6 MOUNT Attacks
Sept 26 Fundamentals 7 and 8 SIDE CONTROL Position
Oct 3 Fundamentals 9 and 10 SIDE CONTROL Attacks
Oct 10 Fundamentals 11 and 12 TURTLE
Oct 17 Fundamentals 13 and 14 BACK
Oct 24 Fundamentals 15 and 16 GUARD PASSING
Oct 31 Fundamentals 17 and 18 GUARD PASSING
Nov 7 Fundamentals 19 and 20 SWEEPS
Nov 14 Fundamentals 21 and 22 OPEN GUARD
Nov 21 Thanksgiving Week Open
Nov 28 Fundamentals 23 and 24 OPEN GUARD
Dec 5 Fundamentals 25 and 26 CHOKES AND ATTACKS
Dec 12 Fundamentals 27 and 28 HALF GUARD
Dec 19 Fundamentals 29 and 30 LEG ATTACKS
Dec 26 Christmas / New Years Open

Our full Fundamentals curriculum is online for students by clicking here:


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