Heroes Martial Arts and Samurai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Announce Partnership

San Jose CA: Heroes Martial Arts and Samurai BJJ Academy, two of the premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academies in the South Bay Area, have announced that Samurai BJJ Academy will partner with Heroes Marital Arts. Students will be able to immediately take advantage of the shared knowledge, convenient schedules and three separate locations in the South Bay.

“I am extremely excited for our current and future students about this news,” says Alan “Gumby” Marques, 4th Degree Black Belt and founder of “Heroes Martial Arts”. Heroes Martial Arts has always strived to provide high level instruction in a respectful and safe environment where students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and limits. Samurai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fits perfectly into our vision of what a martial arts academy should be. I’ve considered Rich Jackson a trusted friend for a long time now, and although I awarded him his black belt, we both actually started training around 1996 and I greatly value his insight and perspectives.

“I have always considered myself and the students of Samurai BJJ Academy to part of the larger Heroes Martial Arts family,” says Rich Jackson, owner of Samurai BJJ. “Our instructors and students already have been working and training together for many years.” “Given that history of cross-training between the schools, it felt perfectly natural that our academies join together on a more formal basis and achieve synergies and efficiencies that will ultimately benefit all of our students, staff and instructors.”

Aside from the convenience of having three locations at which to train, the experience, knowledge base and opportunities for everyone just multiplied, as we have a multitude of talented instructors and students ready to share their knowledge and help everyone grow. Both the Gi and Submission Grappling programs will expand from the Fundamentals through the advanced levels, competition classes are going to get more lively and everyone will gain more regular training partners and friends to work with.

Starting immediately, students at all three locations will be able to take advantage of full membership benefits at all of the academies, including in-person training and online programs. More details and announcements will be coming in the upcoming weeks!

Eventually, the schools plan to merge under the Heroes Martial Arts Banner, which currently includes the original Heroes Martial Arts Downtown and Heroes Martial Arts Eastside.

Now three locations to train at!

Heroes Martial Arts Downtown
450 S 1st Street
San Jose CA 95113

Heroes Martial Arts Eastside
418 N Capitol Ave
San Jose CA 95133

Samurai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
2125 South Winchester Boulevard, Ste 130
Campbell, California 95008

Heroes Martial Arts was founded in 2009 in downtown San Jose to bring Jiu Jitsu to everyone. Specializing in sport, recreational and self defense aspects of the Martial Art. Heroes has taught thousands of students including graduating 30 IBJJF certified students to the coveted rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Heroes Martial Arts opened a second location in the East Side of San Jose in 2020 and is very committed to bettering the local communities and the individuals who live there. www.HeroesMA.com

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