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Happy 2024 Friends

New Year, New Me and all of that stuff. This month actually marks Heroes Martial Arts 15th anniversary and we’re looking at making 2024 our most impactful yet.

The big announcement we have is that our FOURTH location Heroes Los Gatos is mere weeks away from opening, but all of the Heroes Martial Arts locations have news and adjustments coming for 2024.

Heroes Downtown San Jose

Trevor Ireland continues to lead the Downtown Heroes location with very high level technique suited to both beginners and experienced students. Only minor changes to the downtown schedule, include10 Round Thursday nights (6:30 PM) and the removal of the Friday 6:30 AM class. Heroes black belts Allen Pestrana, Paul Telles and now Calvin Tran all continue to share their expertise in the respective classes. Marcelino “Miggs” Miguel’s Sunday classes have been a long standing tradition downtown and many students gather to learn from his wisdom.

Heroes Eastside San Jose

“Eastside” Nick Borbon runs Eastside Heroes where with a great mix of youth and experience on the mats, and the entire team works to push the level of everyone, including our competitors. Chuck Walker oversees a rapidly growing and evolving Youth Program and we’re lucky to have Taea Regua showcase her wrestling instruction for us. Only changes to the schedule is that Fundamentals on Tues/Thursday has been pushed to 5:30 PM and All Levels classes subsequently pushed to 6:30 PM. 10 Round Monndays are now official

Heroes Campbell

Bobby Vasquez takes over Head Instructor duties at Heroes Campbell (formally Samurai Jiu Jitsu). Samurai founder Rich Jackson continues to teach MWF at 12:30PM. Longtime Heroes Black Belt Mike “Hobbit” Strangis has taken over the early morning classes. Dylan Turner is evolving into a very capable Jiu Jitsu practicioner and instructor and works with the kids classes and we’re happy for the support from Bruce Nardon and Anthony Baker (make sure to attend Anthony physical fitness workshop on Jan 14!). We’re happy to announce we’vve added more GI classes to Samurai 6PM Mon-Thursday (Fundamentals Tue/Thur) while still keeping all the nogi classes! In addition, 10 Round Tuesdays are now a thing!

Heroes Los Gatos

Coming in Mid January is Heroes Los Gatos! We are in a separate building sharing the facility with new friends California Strength and long time friends Los Gatos Chiro! Head instructor Sean Whitmore brings his style of Jiu Jitsu instruction mixed with his knowledge of personal training for a unique experience. Janet Garcia Borbon will assist with classes and will introduce a unique and exclusive Muay Thai style boot camp! More announcements include opening dates and schedule coming very soon!

Remember that your membership at Heroes Martial Arts grants you access to all of our gyms, thus giving you the greatest access to locations, schedules, expert instruction and training partners!


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