Samurai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu opened in 2015 in a brand new facility in downtown Campbell and established a very family friendly atmosphere.  Well versed in the new wave of Jiu Jitsu, Samurai has become well known especially for the “No-Gi” style of Jiu Jitsu.  After a long status as fraternal academies Samurai and Heroes Martial Arts merged in 2023 as Heroes Martial Arts: Samurai to officially become the third Heroes Academy and more importantly, bringing the teams together and giving everyone the best possible options for training. 

Heroes Campbell Main Instructor

Bobby Vasquez

Bobby is actually the first student of Gumby’s to go from White belt to Black Belt, and actually began training before there even was a Heroes! Bobby has a unique style to his Jiu Jitsu and his teaching methodology, and has travelled and competed around the world to better his Jiu Jitsu.

2nd Degree Black Belt

Awarded his Black Belt in 2016 from Gumby

Teaching Style

Bobby is a very hands on instructor, able to give both detailed instruction and personal feedback from rolling.

Favorite Moves

Bobby is a great example of someone with tremendous top pressure who has also embraced the guard game.  Although physically one of the physically strongest grapplers out there, still has a great range of technical Jiu Jitsu.


Bobby has worked mentoring youth for San Jose’s Gang Prevention Task Force, and also manages local upscale Music Club the Cardiff in Campbell.

Heroes Samurai Founding Instructor

Rich Jackson

Rich trained for over 10 years at the Renzo Gracie NYC Academy’s world-famous “Blue Basement” and was promoted to brown belt by Master Renzo Gracie and Professor John Danaher. After relocating to Northern California with his family and founded Samurai Jiu Jitsu in 2015 while training at Heroes Martial Arts

2nd Degree Black Belt

Rich was awarded his black belt in 2015 by Gumby after consulting John Danaher

TEaching Style

Rich puts the fun in Jiu Jitsu! (He actually coined “Fun-Jitsu” for the Kids Programs. 

Favorite Moves

Rich has experience from the early days of self-defense style Jiu Jitsu to learning the latest leg entanglements in Renzo’s blue basement and he mixes the styles well.

Down but not Out

Rich had a successful Hip Surgery and is making his way back to share the knowledge he has!

Additional Instructors

Dylan Turner

Dylan and Malcolm are both devoted and dedicated acolytes of Sensei John Danaher (whose spirit always seems to hover above them in any photo) and all of his various “New Wave” Jiu Jitsu systems and sub-systems. They currently co-lead drilling classes on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons (as part of the Sunday Competition Class). Dylan and Malcolm also help lead classes whenever Rich and Kevin are out.

Bruce Nardone

Black Belt

More info coming soon!

Anthony Baker

Black Belt

More info coming soon!


Heroes Samurai features a large Dollamur training mat and wall pads in the main training area. Crash pads, pull up bars and climbing ropes and training dummies are also at the facility. Samurai has separate mens and women’s facilities as well as two private showers.

Heroes Samurai is located in the heart of Campbell on Winchester a very short distance from downtown.  Free parking is on site both above and below ground. 

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