Covid 19 Measures

We have adopted a number of changes and policies to create a safer environment to be able to train Jiu Jitsu in this era of Covid-19

Class Rosters (Pods) will be set to 12 students. Rosters cannot intermingle or change for a period of at least three weeks.

Masks are required indoors.

We have marked out workout areas to enable “social distancing” and spacing of six feet between members.  
Certain areas such as waiting areas, changing rooms, showers  and water dispensers are now off limits.  
We have updated our cleaning protocols to and will conduct thorough cleaning of common areas after every class.
The safest option is to be able to train with a solo apparatus that the student makes and brings with them.
The next best option is to train only with a single partner who is a member of your household.
Training is hybridized and we are uploading all lessons to https://online.heroesma.com/
We are encouraging everyone who chooses to train in person to be tested frequently and share the information with members of their pod.
Information on getting tested:
Track Coronavirus in Santa Clara County, and keep informed of all the latest updates.
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