Heroes Downtown opened in 2009 and is the first of the Heroes Martial Arts studio. in 2018 Heroes moved across the street to our current location at 450 S 1st Street in a historic, refurnished brick and skylight building 100 years old.  Heroes Martial Arts is located in the thriving SoFa district downtown. Perhaps the hippest neighborhood in all of San Jose, SoFA is home to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, ranging from cafes and restaurants, clubs, art galleries and creative firms to health and fitness gyms and yoga studios.

The downtown location has classes seven day a week with early morning, morning, early afternoon and evening classes available for our Adult programs. 

The facility is constantly being decorated and features art from the local community (and students).

Heroes Downtown Main Instructor

Trevor Ireland

Trevor leads the downtown crew and is a true embodiment of the Jiu Jitsu philosophy of how technique, leverage and angles can overcome brute force. Praised for a fun style of instruction, Trevor will start by breaking down the Fundamentals and concepts and then guiding students to through some very advanced but practical techniques

2ND Degree Black Belt

Awarded his Black Belt in 2017 from Gumby

Teaching Style

Trevor understands the importance of body mechanics in working technique, and while his personal Jiu Jitsu is breathtaking, he can show anyone how to unlock their potential

Favorite Moves

Trevor is a wizard at not being where you think he will be, and then when you think you have him he really just set you up for the armbar

Rock Star (Literally)

Trevor is a Heavy Metal musician and is capable of playing EVERY instrument in the band!

Additional Instructors

Marcelino “Miggs” Miguel

2nd Degree Black Belt

Awarded his black belt in 2015 from Gumby. Miggs’ Sunday sessions have been a very popular class, Known for his breakdown of technique and drills, Miggs is one of the longtime leaders at Heroes.

Allen Pestana

1st Degree Black Belt

Awarded his black belt in 2019 from Gumby, Allen’s game is considered by unorthodox by some but effective by everyone! Informal in his teaching styler, rolling with Allen is an experience but he always has great pointers to enhance your game.

Paul Telles

Black Belt

Awarded his black belt in 2020 from Gumby. Paul’s game is about solid technique strategy and the ability to wristlock from most places.  Catch Paul’s teachings at noon,

Ben Shaw

Black Belt

Awarded his black belt in 2021 from Gumby. Although Ben has slimmed down a bit recently, he still is known for his incredible pressure game and understanding of balance.

Mike Strangis

2nd Degree Black Belt

Awarded his black belt in 2015 from Gumby. Mike (aka Hobbit) has been teaching in the Bay Area for a long time. Tons of knowledge in all areas of Jiu Jitsu but always trying to learn himself, Mike is up on both the old school and new school of Jiu Jitsu

Zach “Bear” Devine

Purple Belt

If the early bird gets the worm, what doesd the early Bear get?  Find out at Bear’s Driller’s Mat Early Morning Saturdays at the downtown Heroes location. 


Amenities at our downtown location include a two separate mat rooms, with our main floor being 1600 square feet of Dollamur/Swain tatami style mats on a sprung floor designed to absorb impacts and reduce injuries. A separate 450 square foot mat room is used for secondary classes or overflow. Heroes DTSJ also offers a shower, making it easy to head off to work (or to enjoy the neighborhood) after a hard work out. 

Street Parking is available and metered between the hours of 9AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday with Free parking on Sunday. In the event that street parking is filled there are a number of parking lots available. We would recommend the lot at I-280 and first street which is also Free after 6PM on weekdays.


In addition, parking is automatically validated for 90 minutes a participating City Owned Lots (closest being 2nd and San Carlos:  https://parksj.org/parking-programs-services/parking-validation/

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