Heroes Martial Arts Downtown San Jose DTSJ

Heroes Martial Arts DTSJ is located at 450 S 1st Street San Jose CA 95113 in the heart of the eclectic SoFA district and is truly one of the most beautiful Martial Arts Academies in the world.
This unique facility offers a 1600 square foot Sprung floor (designed to absorb shocks and reduce injuries) covered in Swain / Dollarmur Tatame mats.  It truly is the best surface possible to train martial arts on!  Every wall and surface is covered in Dollarmus Wall Pads and mats to ensure the safest possible training environment.  We also have a second smaller mat space for overflow and privacy.
Heroes DTSJ also offers a shower, making it easy to head off to work (or to enjoy the neighborhood) after a hard work out.
The facility is constantly being decorated and features art from the local community (and students).
Heroes Martial Arts is located in the thriving SoFa district downtown. Perhaps the hippest neighborhood in all of San Jose, SoFA is home to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, ranging from cafes and restaurants, clubs, art galleries and creative firms to health and fitness gyms and yoga studios.
Street Parking is available and metered between the hours of 9AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday with Free parking on Sunday. In the event that street parking is filled there are a number of parking lots available. We would recommend the lot at I-280 and first street which is also Free after 6PM on weekdays.
In addition, parking is  automatically validated for 90 minutes a participating City Owned Lots (closest being 2nd and San Carlos:  https://parksj.org/parking-programs-services/parking-validation/