While Jiu Jitsu relies more on technique and timing than brute force, a certain kind of physicality will develop through consistent training. Jiu Jitsu is a total body work out, and especially works out core strength and overall conditioning.

It is not necessary to get into shape before starting the Jiu Jitsu program. Participation in the classes, especially the Fundamental Level classes are designed to get you into shape as you learn the art. Most of the warm up (and cool down) exercises done in class are designed so that the experience can easily be replicated at home without any special equipment and in a minimum amount of space. Movements such as push ups, air squats, ab crunches etc.. are used and proper form is emphasized on each. New students are encouraged on their off days to modify exercises on their own for a simple 10-15 minute daily work out.

Although Jiu Jitsu is a stand alone activity that many people enjoy engaging in as their primary form of workout, it is often helpful to have a supplemental workout plan in order to continue to build overall fitness and well being. As students progress they will find continued attention to their overall physical fitness will continue to make them more effective in training, make them less susceptible
to injuries and contribute to an overall transformation of themselves.

Heroes Martial Arts also offers an early morning fitness boot camp to compliment our Jiu Jitsu training classes. No special attire or equipment is required, classes rely on body weight and conditioning and take place right on the mat.