Never Trained Before?

You know, all of us started from somewhere…

..but bringing someone brand new into the journey that is Jiu Jitsu is one of our favorite things.
If you’ve never trained before or never even set foot into a martial arts academy, that’s okay. The vast majority of students have no experience prior to joining Heroes Martial Arts.

You don’t need anything special to come in, and as long as you have a clean bill of health (it is okay for you to work out), and have a willingness to try new things, work hard and have fun, we are ready for you!

You are welcome to come in at any time to observe a class, tour the facility, meet the team and ask questions.

For you to try out a class, it is best to come into one of the Fundamental classes. These are scheduled Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM, or Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM. Just bring yourself, to start there is a little bit of paper work to fill out, but we will happily loan you a uniform known as a “gi”.

Although our Fundamentals run on a four month rotation, they are also designed and taught so that you can drop in at any point.

To start the Fundamentals class, we will do a series of warm up and conditioning exercises for about fifteen minutes. These exercises are designed to strength your core, better your cardio, and prepare you for the movements that you will be going over in the technique portion of the class. We try to set goals that everyone should be able to reach quickly, but if you find these exercises a little tough to begin with, feel free to go at your own pace. With some dedication these exercise will become little effort eventually, although we do have a variety of exercises from day to day depending on the lesson and to keep things interesting.

The next forty five minutes or so will be the actual lesson. The newer students are always paired up with an experienced student. This is actually part of a learning process for the advanced student as well, because it can be said you can never truly understand something until you can explain it to someone else. You will learn new concepts and practice techniques through a combination of cooperative drills (where you can develop your skills) and competitive drills (where you can try your new found techniques against a resisting opponent).

At the end of the hour the class will segue into the Intermediate level classes and more vigorous drills based on the Fundamental class’s theme will be drilled. Sometimes these drill are one minute intervals which are essentially controlled sparring sessions and sometimes the time limit is undefined but the student has a specific goal to work towards. Participation in these drills is optional but highly encouraged, and a new student can opt to join in when they feel they are ready.

While we try to make these classes as “simple” to follow as possible, we realize this is not the same thing as being “easy”! The challenge will always be there, but we will build you up and you will learn how to deal with it, plus any additional challenges. It might be tough to start out with, but the rewards will be worth the challenges presented.

We are here to provide you with the means and support in order for you to meet your goals!

Please, take advantage of our 14 day Free Trial offer and visit Heroes Martial Arts today!