Heroes Martial Arts believes in fair and upfront pricing.  We do not try to upsell our students on additional services or clubs once they are members.  We do not have belt testing or promotion fees.  We do offer discounts for longer term commitments.  Other costs a student may occur are equipment and uniforms (the gi, which an official Heroes uniform is offered but not required) and occasional seminars with guest instructors. 

After contracts are fulfilled the pricing switches to month to month.  Despite the rising costs of the Silicon Valley, we have NEVER raised the rates on a current and continuous student in good standing.

Full Heroes Membership $169 Monthly (12 month Contract)

  • Unlimited Training (Classes 7 Days a Week)
  • Special Member Only Offers
  • 360 Annual Savings over Month to Month

Full Heroes Membership $199 Monthly (No Contract)

  • Unlimited Training (Classes 7 Days a Week)
  • Special Member Only Offers
  • Freedom and Flexibility over Contract Option

Fundamentals Only $149 Monthly (4 Month Contract)

  • Fundamental BJJ Classes Only
  • Special Member Only Offers
  • Can be Upgraded to Unlimited at Any Time

20% Discount offered to law enforcement, first responders, military (active duty and veteran) and students with a valid identification.

Day Pass $30

Visitor’s pass for Heroes Martial Arts good for a full day of classes

Facility Rental

Off Hours (No classes Scheduled)

  • 100 per Hour Front Class Room
  • 300 per Hour Main Class Room
  • 500 per Hour Entire Facility

Peak Hours (Classes Scheduled)

  • 500 per Hour Front Class Room
  • 1500 per Hour Main Class Room
  • 2500 per Hour Entire Facility

Referral Program

Word of mouth has always been our best marketing system and we appreciate when one of the team thinks enough of our programs to bring a friend in.  We’ve finally figured out how to automate our referral system, so when you bring a friend who signs up for Heroes, you can get $50 off your next months tuition!    Click here for more information!