Referral Program

We’re always flattered when anyone thinks so much of us at Heroes Martial Arts that they will recommend us to a friend or family member. Word of Mouth Referrals are our #1 of bringing in new students and knowing that someone came in on the recommendation of someone already training is a good way to ensure a great fit into the academy. While having a stronger team and more training partners is a great reward unto itself.

A: For every referral you bring in that joins Heroes Martial Arts, you will receive $10 off of your tuition as long as they continue to be an active paying member! Refer enough members and you can enjoy free tuition at Heroes!


B: Bring in a Friend who signs up with Heroes Martial Arts and receive a $50 credit or gift certificate to Heroes. Usable for tuition, merchandise and even private lessons.

Thank YOU for making Heroes Martial Arts what it is today!

(And be sure to ask for Flyers and Stickers at the front desk to help spread the word!)

Heroes_MA_flyer_4.25x6_OL copy