Hybrid Training

For the foreseeable future, Hybrid Training will be the norm while we are in this current Covid19 pandemic.

Hybrid Training offers in person class time with small rosters and set schedules combined with Online Instruction.

Also called “Pod Training” students will select a group to work of no more than 12 students (plus the instructor) who will:
  1. Meet on a set designated schedule.
  2. Will stay contained within their groups (no mixing rosters) for a minimum of three weeks.
  3. Full communication is encouraged within each pod and contact information exchanged for safety and peace of mind.  Social responsibility and testing is highly encouraged.
  4. Roster is intentionally small to allow social distancing between everyone in the class.  
  5. Options to train Solo, with a household member or designated partner or with other members of the closed pod.  

Facilities and especially mat space is rigorously cleaned between each and every session.

In addition, all active students have access to online.HeroesMA.com with lessons to supplement their training.  
Online Lessons include both filmed instructional (including the full Heroes Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu Curriculum) as well as Live Classes.

Classes available at both Heroes Martial Arts Downtown San Jose and Heroes Martial Arts Capitol Square Mall.

*Availability of classes and schedule subject to State of California and County of Santa Clara Public Health Declarations.