All our Youth Classes are held at the Capitol Square Mall.  As a new program, most students are a year or less of experience and great  care is placed on individual attention and safety.

Heroes Youth Classes (Ages 4-11)

In a fun and safe environment children will learn the Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu and learn to build confidence, develop their physical fitness and learn practical self defense skills.
Using the tools of both cooperation and competition children will work both in a team environment as well as learn to stand out individually. They will learn to work hard towards a goal, and also to handle set backs with grace.
We are building Heroes in training! Our goal is to be one of the contributors in a child’s life to help them learn to be outstanding, well-rounded people.
Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Programs address both self defense and sport aspects of the martial arts.
Kids class showing self defense
Eastside Teaching Kids Class

Youth Classes Expanded Schedule Monday thrrough Friday 3PM to 4PM

Monday Wednesday Friday 4PM to 5PM

Teens Class Ages 12-17

Heroes Character De La Riva Guard

The Teens Program is a version of our regular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum.

The Teens will receive specialized attention and mentorship from the instructors, and will benefit from working within their peer group.

Goals and accountability is a big part of the Teens Program at Heroes Martial Arts. Teens will be shown a competition style of Jiu Jitsu, with an expectation of eventually entering a tournament. Competition is an INDIVIDUAL activity, but competition preparation is a TEAM effort! Team members will learn responsibly to both themselves and their teammates!

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5PM -6PM

Reasons To Put Your Child into Heroes Martial Arts

Self Defense  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the number one martial art for self defense and anti bully strategies will teach multiple ways to handle a conflict.  
Fitness Heroes Martial Arts will make your child physically active and contribute to getting them in shape!
Mental Focus  Studies have shown that participating in a Martial Art will help your child gain mental clarity and focus.
Self Confidence  The Youth Program at Heroes Martial Arts will help install self confidence in a child.  
Team Building Learning Martial Arts trains students in both Cooperation and Competition and the time for each, life skills that will carry them throughout their lives.  Students will make teammates and friends!
Gumby Teaching the Kids Class

Students may attend multiple classes per week base on their age category and skill level

Covid Policies

Heroes Martial Arts is operating in compliance with all State and County rules in regards to Covid-19 regulations.  Currently this mandates the use of a mask in gatherings where participants are 12 and under.