Heroes Los Gatos is coming in January 2024! We had a wonderful opportunity to have a stand alone facility on a property shared by World Class Strength Training Facility California Strength and our long time friends for physical therapy Los Gatos Sports Chiro Dr. Dino Del Mastro. We’re truly exciting to move into this beautiful facility and see how combining the best of practice strength training, physical rehabilitation as well as the finest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to serve our friends in Los Gatos and beyond.

And for the first time we will be introducing an all new Muay Thai Bootcamp led by Janet Borbon-Garcia, ranked #1 in Muay Thai in the United States (#3 in the world) and a rising MMA star! (Boot Camp separate tuition)

Heroes Martial Arts Membership are good at all our locations, so we look forward to seeing you on our new mats soon! 

Heroes Los Gatos Main Instructor

Sean Whitmore

Sean Whitmore returns to Heroes Martial Arts! Sean actually started Jiu Jitsu at the age of 16 and was awarded his blue belt at the same promotion ceremony that saw Gumby get his black belt! Sean has been the youth instructor at Heroes and also took over the head instructor position at the UFC Sunnyvale Gym from Gumby.

2nd Degree Black Belt

Awarded his Black Belt in 2017 from Gumby

Teaching Style

Sean is a classically trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor with a BS in Kinesiology from SJSU.  He understands how the body work both on the mat and off of it.

Favorite Moves

Sean has a very classical Jiu Jitsu game blended with a solid understanding of wrestling and body mechanics.  His cross collar choke is among the swiftest in the game.


Sean is a talented photographer, loves playing video games and fosters cats in his spare time.

Heroes Los Gatos Muay Thai Instructor

Janet Garcia Borbon

Janet is ranked the #1 Muay Thai fighter in the US and is currently a MMA fighter with Combate Global, Latin America’s #1 MMA Promotion.  “As an immigrant, I’ve learned to work hard for everything I want. It has taught me work ethic, sacrifice, and resilience, which are all qualities required of a top athlete. It taught me not to give up when things get tough and to keep going. Life throws you curveballs, and you must be able to adapt. Just like in a fight,” source

Complete Fighter

Ranked #1 in the United States Muay Thai, Bronze Medalist at 2022 World Games 2-0 MMA Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Teaching Style

Janet is a tremendous combination of tenacity and technique in both her striking and grappling.  She also has a degree in Kinesiology

Favorite Moves

Standing she is deadly with her elbows and knees, and on the ground Janet has tremendous pressure despite competing at Atomweight.


In the rare times when Janet is not training, she enjoys spending time with her husband (Nick, head instructor at Heroes Eastside) and their two dogs.

Heroes Los Gatos is a stand alone facility sharing a property with California Strength and Los Gatos Sports Chiro. In the heart of downtown Los Gatos, with ample parking and walking distance to many restaurants and shops and amenities. 

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