Rules and Etiquette

Heroes Martial Arts is a Martial Arts Studio based on mutual respect, but we have few of the traditions and rules of a typical martial arts school.
Common sense and common courtesy will take you a long way in this world.
We prefer to take the belief that our students are intelligent and capable people who are motivated to improve themselves and others around them, and treat each other accordingly. As such we give our students a great deal of freedom to express themselves and take charge of their own learning journey.
There are a few things we ask of all students in order to create a safe and clean environment that may not be obvious at first.
1: No shoes on the mat. No bare feet off of the mats. We strive to keep Heroes Martial Arts meticulously clean and the mats doubly so. In order to prevent the spread of potential nastiness please, no shoes on the mat, and no bare feet off of the mat (particularly in the bathroom). Keeping the mats clean is to prevent the spread of nasty ailments such as ringworm and staph infections. To put it another way, your face is going to spend a lot of contact with the mat.
2: Please don’t attend class when you are sick and potentially contagious. You would think this would fall under the obvious category, but we’ll repeat: illness can spread very quickly throughout the academy owing to the close contact nature of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you’re ill, feverish, running nose, skin irritations or are just generally gross for the day, do your fellow students a favor and stay home, rest up and come back healthy.
3: As a guideline when rolling we suggest following the IBJJF rules:
The IBJJF rule set is well known throughout the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community and is default training etiquette at not just Heroes Martial Arts, but at many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academies world wide.
The main points of IBJJF rules is that slams, reaping the knee and neck cranks are outlawed, and certain leg attacks are only legal at brown and black belt level.
A: If either the instructor specifies another rule set for the training session, then the training session will be for whatever rule set the instructor suggests
B: Two training partners at any time agree to another grappling rule set and are in clear agreement to a rule set they want to use, then they can use those rules. Note that one partner always has the option to default to the IBJJF rule set.
It is important to note that the IBJJF rules are very competition specific to a particular tournament set and are not viewed as the end all be all of training Jiu Jitsu. At Heroes Martial Arts we believe an expert proficiency in Jiu Jitsu will include legal and “illegal” moves, self-defense and more!
4.  Submissions are inherently dangerous acts, and they are designed specifically to cause injury. Any submission attempted or applied on the mat at Heroes must be applied with enough technique and control that the partner/opponent has the ability to tap out before an injury occurs.
Let’s face it, injuries can and do occur and accidents happen and part of getting on the mat is accepting that fact. However no one wants to train with someone that is reckless!
Your training partner is the most important person on the mat, because it impossible to advance in this art without working together. So by all means push each other to your limits, but realize that we need to take care of each other!