Building a Better Future with Jiu Jitsu

In a fun and safe environment children will learn the Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu and learn to build confidence, develop their physical fitness and learn practical self defense skills.


Using the tools of both cooperation and competition children will work both in a team environment as well as learn to stand out individually. They will learn to work hard towards a goal, and also to handle set backs with grace.


We are building Heroes in training! Our goal is to be one of the contributors in a child’s life to help them learn to be outstanding, well-rounded people.

Self Defense Skills

While many physical confrontations can be avoided, some simply cannot. Bullying has become a real issue for many children. Self-defense skills can not only give kids safe in case of physical altercation, but they can also give kids the confidence to avoid these situations. Our youth programs discuss proper course of action in self defense situations and using your voice before things get physical. Should the last resort of defending themselves be the only option, Jiu Jitsu provides the best practical skills to get out of the situation safely.

Social Skills

Being part of a group that is striving for a common goal is one of the best ways to build social skills. Although Jiu Jitsu is unlike traditional team sports, it requires equal parts cooperation as well competition to advance. Exposing children to other children close to their own age is essential for health and well being. When training Jiu Jitsu, kids are repeatedly put in situations where they must work together, which will show benefits in every aspect of their lives.

Leadership Skills

As children start to gain skills and confidence in Jiu Jitsu, they will often be put in positions to work on their leadership skills. Senior students will be paired with less experienced and/or younger students with the experienced student helping to make their partner understand the technique and feel more comfortable. The confidence gained from these experiences building life skills and instilling a sense of community and service.

Healthy Habits

Healthy exercises and eating habits are essential for a long and prosperous life. Jiu Jitsu is an incredible tool for building a healthy lifestyle. Because Jiu Jitsu is so technical learning is as much a mental exercise as a physical one. The combination of mental and physical keeps practitioners engaged and setting goals. Children learnt that by developing healthy habits, they will be be able to perform better and reach their goals. 

Youth Programs in Eastside San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos


No Contracts!  Despite the rising costs of the Silicon Valley, we have NEVER raised the rates on a current and continuous student in good standing.

Adult Programs

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Youth Programs

$ 175
per Month

one time Sign Up Fee $99

  • Sign Up comes with Blank Uniform (GI)
  • Access to three gyms! (Eastside, Campbell and Los Gatos)
  • Family Discount Available
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