Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling based programs for all levels of students.

Our Adult Programs are open to students 18 years and older (under 18 by instructor’s discretion and parental consent).

Heroes Martial Arts uses a very structured learning environment with curriculums, learning and drilling time plus free sparring to give students the best possible experience.

Students enrolled in the Adult Program have can train at all three Heroes Martial Arts gyms (downtown, East Side and Campbell) and have access to our online curriculum!


Our Famous Fundamentals Classes, covering the basic knowledge one would need to be successful in learning to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Class with core warm ups followed by technical instruction, no rolling/sparring in this class.  Our most beginner friendly option, but not necessarily just for beginners!

All Levels

A more traditional Jiu Jitsu class which incorporates warm ups, technical instruction, drilling and sparring. Suitable for all levels but knowledge of Fundamental classes STRONGLY recommended.

Comp Class

For advanced students only. Hard drilling and sparring and competition prep. Our most intense mat time, and not just for competitors! Where as the Fundamentals and All Levels class students are encouraged to work at a pace that is comfortable for them, Comp Class demands you work to the pace that the instructor sets for the group!

Gi and No Gi Classes

Students may train according to their preferences. We have noticed over the years that the students who tend to develop the fastest train both Gi and NoGi on a regular basis. 

Gi Class

Requires the use of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi or kimono (other martial arts gi may be worn if they can be subject to the rigors of training). Training in the classical fashion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been in years past taught with the gi first. Theory being that training with the gi slows the game down somewhat so technique has a better chance to overcome athleticism and for self defense purposes people are more likely to be wearing clothing than not.

No Gi Class

Any class that doesn’t require the use of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi or Kimono, although typical gear includes shorts and rash guard with spats/leggings being optional. (T-shirts are not recommended as they don’t handle the rigors of training well). Although certainly an increasingly popular option in recent years, No Gi training actually has roots all the way back to the origination of Jiu Jitsu. Sometimes considered a more athletic game because of the removal of grips and friction. 

Takedown Class– Any takedown scenario which works in a Jiu Jitsu context, including throws, takedowns and pulling guard

Wrestling Class– Specifically geared for a wrestling mindset. 

Students are encouraged to train as much as they can, although the minimum recommended training frequency is start with twice per week.


No Contracts!  Despite the rising costs of the Silicon Valley, we have NEVER raised the rates on a current and continuous student in good standing.

Adult Programs

$ 199
per Month

one time Sign Up Fee $99

  • Sign Up comes with Blank Uniform (GI)
  • Unlimited Training
  • Access to four gyms! (Downtown, Eastside, Campbell and Los Gatos)
  • Online Training Included!
  • First Responder Discount Available
  • College Student Rates Available
  • Family Discounts Available

Youth Programs

$ 175
per Month

one time Sign Up Fee $99

  • Sign Up comes with Blank Uniform (GI)
  • Access to three gyms! (Eastside, Campbell and Los Gatos)
  • Family Discount Available
  • Free 1 Day Youth Tryout

Adults Week Trial

$ $ 19
1 week

Great, no risk way to try out Heroes Martial Arts, find out what we have to offer and see if this is a great fit!

1 Week Trial AUTOMATICALLY converts to a regular membership if not cancelled before end of the week. 

Day Pass

$ $ 30
per day

Day pass or drops in $30 (good at all locations)

Join us! Learn how to Start Training at Heroes MArtial Arts!

Your First Week of Classes for only $19
No Contracts !