In the Martial Arts there is a great importance placed on having a code of honor, also known as Bushido. As the martial artist develops they gain real power that can be used for good or ill, thus a guide to behavior has always been installed along with the development of physical skills.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Stan Lee

Along side helping instill a sense of Bushido in our students, Heroes Martial Arts also has it’s own statement of ethics when it comes to how we run our Academy, because the code of Bushido comes from within first.


Heroes Martial Arts Statement of Ethics

Our first priority at Heroes Martial Arts is the school and the students. Our focus is to put forth students who will hopefully have the ability to accomplish more than us. We are right here ready to serve, look forward to supporting our team and take our responsibilities seriously.

At the same time we are seeking to improve ourselves as well and look forward to continue to learn and to continue to test ourselves.

Anyone with an open mind who is willing to try and is ready to work hard is welcome. We play no favorites within the gym, and believe everyone has something of value to contribute.

While we have to make a living, we have strived to uncouple the business side with the advancement in the Martial Arts as much as possible. We have a flat fee based on the commitment the student is willing to put forth (month to month or yearly plans). A students advancement beyond this largely the amount of work they are willing to put in. We do not charge extra for the competition team or advanced classes. We don’t charge for a “secret menu” class. We do not have belt testing fees.

We strive to be realistic and honest about what we put forth. We do not want to fill any student with false hope or unrealistic expectations, but note that improvement will come through hard work and there is always an element of risk. We do not claim any expertise on anything we are not experts in.

We do not “pull rank” on anyone outside of the Academy. We believe in earned, not assumed respect and we will treat you with respect on and off the mat as well. Everyone we encounter is to be treated with courtesy and respect, but we will also stand ground for what we believe in.

We believe in contributing to the community at large when we can and setting an example because it’s the right thing to do first.

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