Heroes Eastside opened in 2020 with the idea of being able to serve more of San Jose, as many current and future students actually lived nearby. The Eastside of San Jose is known for it’s diverse fighting spirit and we wanted to harness that energy to continue to build the greatest Jiu Jitsu team in the world.

We serve many of the families of Eastside San Jose and beyond, and we have many generations of families sharing the mats here!

Heroes Eastside Main Instructor

Nick Borbon

Nick is so synonymous with ESSJ that his more commonly called by his nickname “Eastside”.  He was actually young enough when he started training that his mother had to sign his waiver, he has since gone on to be be a national and international level competitor in Jiu Jitsu and he is bringing that experience home now

2nd Degree Black Belt

Awarded his Black Belt in 2017 from Gumby

Teaching Style

A firm believer in hard work pays off, Nick will continually show you how to push past your boundaries but he always leads by example. 

Favorite Moves

Eastside is a master at seizing any opportunity and whatever his opponent gives him, but is partial to the straight ankle lock. 


Nick enjoys spending time with his wife (#1 kickboxer in North America), practicing golf, riding his motorcycle and playing with his dogs.

Heroes Eastside Youth Instructor

Chuck Walker

Black Belt

Awarded his Black Belt in 2023 from Gumby

Teaching Style

Chuck has a special gift in connecting with the students, from the youngest children to the adult classes he demonstrates endless patience and working to your abilities.

Favorite Moves

Chuck has lately been focusing on his basic mechanics and has been relishing the cross collar chokes (both from mount and guard)

Judas the Husky

It’s very likely that if you see Chuck he will be with his best buddy Judas, a Husky who will often be patiently watching the lessons from the sidelines.

Additional Instructors

Taea Regua

Wrestling Coach

Taea teaches our Wrestling Class Friday Evening at the Eastside Location.  Taea wrestled for Southern Oregon University and continues to coach the girls team at Gilroy High


This academy features an 1100 square foot Sprung floor (designed to absorb shocks and reduce injuries) covered in 2 inch Dollarmur Flex-Roll mats (thickest kind available). It truly is the best surface possible to train martial arts on! Every wall and surface is covered in Dollarmus Wall Pads and mats to ensure the safest possible training environment. 

Heroes Martial Arts is located in the Capitol Square Mall on the corner of Mckee and Capitol Ave. We are located right next to the target on the back side (behind 5 Guys Burgers).

The mall features tons of Free Parking in both the front and the back. 

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